Interface LintListener

public interface LintListener

Interface implemented by listeners to be notified of lint events

NOTE: This is not a public or final API; if you rely on this be prepared to adjust your code for the next tools release.

Nested Class Summary
static class LintListener.EventType
          The various types of events provided to lint listeners
Method Summary
 void update(LintDriver driver, LintListener.EventType type, Context context)
          Notifies listeners that the event of the given type has occurred.

Method Detail


void update(@NonNull
            LintDriver driver,
            LintListener.EventType type,
            Context context)
Notifies listeners that the event of the given type has occurred. Additional information, such as the file being scanned, or the project being scanned, is available in the Context object (except for the LintListener.EventType.STARTING, LintListener.EventType.CANCELED or LintListener.EventType.COMPLETED events which are fired outside of project contexts.)

driver - the driver running through the checks
type - the type of event that occurred
context - the context providing additional information