package kafka

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  1. kafka
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Package Members

  1. package admin
  2. package consumer
  3. package metrics
  4. package producer
  5. package schemaregistry

Type Members

  1. trait AschematicTopic extends AnyRef
  2. case class AutoOffsetReset(aor: String) extends Product with Serializable
  3. case class AutoRegisterSchemas(r: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  4. implicit class BifunctorToOptionExtension[F[_, _], A, B] extends AnyRef
  5. case class BootstrapServers(bs: String) extends Product with Serializable
  6. implicit class ByteArrayConsumerRecord extends AnyRef
  7. implicit class ByteArrayConsumerRecords extends AnyRef
  8. sealed trait CleanupPolicy extends AnyRef
  9. case class CompressionType(c: String) extends Product with Serializable
  10. case class EnableAutoCommit(b: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  11. case class EnableIdempotence(e: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  12. trait Extractor[F[_]] extends AnyRef
  13. implicit class GenericConsumerRecord extends AnyRef
  14. implicit class GenericConsumerRecords extends AnyRef
  15. case class GroupId(id: String) extends Product with Serializable
  16. sealed trait IncomingRecord[K, V] extends Product2[K, V]
  17. sealed trait IncomingRecordMetadata extends AnyRef
  18. sealed trait IncomingRecords[A] extends AnyRef
  19. case class KeyDeserializerClass(c: Class[_]) extends Product with Serializable
  20. case class KeySerializerClass(c: Class[_]) extends Product with Serializable
  21. case class MaxSchemasPerSubject(m: Int) extends Product with Serializable
  22. sealed trait PastAndPresent[F[_], P[_[_], _], A] extends AnyRef
  23. sealed trait PastAndRecordStream[F[_], A] extends PastAndPresent[F, RecordStream, A]
  24. sealed trait RecordStream[F[_], A] extends AnyRef
  25. implicit class RichPartitionInfo extends AnyRef
  26. implicit class ScalaConsumerRecord[K, V] extends AnyRef
  27. implicit class ScalaConsumerRecords[K, V] extends AnyRef
  28. implicit class ScalaProducerRecord[K, V] extends AnyRef
  29. case class SchemaRegistryUrl(url: String) extends Product with Serializable
  30. case class SpecificAvroReader(s: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  31. trait Topic[K, V] extends Topical[IncomingRecord[K, V], (K, V)] with AschematicTopic
  32. sealed trait TopicConfig extends AnyRef
  33. sealed trait TopicContentType extends AnyRef
  34. sealed trait TopicName extends AnyRef
  35. final case class TopicPartitionOffset(topic: String, partition: Int, offset: Long) extends Product with Serializable
  36. sealed trait TopicPurpose extends AnyRef
  37. trait Topical[A, B] extends AnyRef

    A Kafka topic or aggregation of topics.

  38. sealed trait Topics[A, B] extends Topical[A, B]
  39. case class ValueDeserializerClass(c: Class[_]) extends Product with Serializable
  40. case class ValueSerializerClass(c: Class[_]) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. implicit def byteArrayDeserializer: Deserializer[Array[Byte]]
  2. implicit def byteArraySerializer: Serializer[Array[Byte]]
  3. implicit def byteBufferDeserializer: Deserializer[ByteBuffer]
  4. implicit def byteBufferSerializer: Serializer[ByteBuffer]
  5. implicit def bytesDeserializer: Deserializer[Bytes]
  6. implicit def bytesSerializer: Serializer[Bytes]
  7. implicit def doubleDeserializer: Deserializer[Double]
  8. implicit def doubleSerializer: Serializer[Double]
  9. implicit def eqConsumerRecord[K, V]: Eq[ConsumerRecord[K, V]]
  10. implicit def eqProducerRecord[K, V]: Eq[ProducerRecord[K, V]]
  11. implicit def floatDeserializer: Deserializer[Float]
  12. implicit def floatSerializer: Serializer[Float]
  13. implicit def intDeserializer: Deserializer[Int]
  14. implicit def intSerializer: Serializer[Int]
  15. implicit def jdoubleDeserializer: Deserializer[Double]
  16. implicit def jdoubleSerializer: Serializer[Double]
  17. implicit def jfloatDeserializer: Deserializer[Float]
  18. implicit def jfloatSerializer: Serializer[Float]
  19. implicit def jintegerDeserializer: Deserializer[Integer]
  20. implicit def jintegerSerializer: Serializer[Integer]
  21. implicit def jlongDeserializer: Deserializer[Long]
  22. implicit def jlongSerializer: Serializer[Long]
  23. implicit def jshortDeserializer: Deserializer[Short]
  24. implicit def jshortSerializer: Serializer[Short]
  25. implicit def longDeserializer: Deserializer[Long]
  26. implicit def longSerializer: Serializer[Long]
  27. implicit def shortDeserializer: Deserializer[Short]
  28. implicit def shortSerializer: Serializer[Short]
  29. implicit def stringDeserializer: Deserializer[String]
  30. implicit def stringSerializer: Serializer[String]
  31. object Adapt
  32. object AutoOffsetReset extends Serializable
  33. object AutoRegisterSchemas extends Serializable
  34. object BootstrapServers extends Serializable
  35. object ClientId
  36. object CompressionType extends Serializable
  37. implicit object ConsumerRecordBifunctor extends Bifunctor[ConsumerRecord]
  38. implicit object DeserializerFunctor extends Functor[Deserializer]
  39. object EnableAutoCommit extends Serializable
  40. object EnableIdempotence extends Serializable
  41. object Extractor
  42. object GroupId extends Serializable
  43. object Handler
  44. object IncomingRecord
  45. object IncomingRecordMetadata
  46. object IncomingRecords
  47. object IsolationLevel
  48. object KeyDeserializerClass extends Serializable
  49. object KeySerializerClass extends Serializable
  50. object KeySubjectNameStrategy
  51. object MaxPollRecords
  52. object MaxSchemasPerSubject extends Serializable
  53. object MetricReporters
  54. object PastAndPresent
  55. object PastAndRecordStream
  56. object PastAndStream
  57. implicit object ProducerRecordBifunctor extends Bifunctor[ProducerRecord]
  58. object Publish
  59. object RecordStream
  60. object SchemaRegistryUrl extends Serializable
  61. implicit object SerializerContravariant extends Contravariant[Serializer]
  62. object SpecificAvroReader extends Serializable
  63. object Topic
  64. object TopicConfig
  65. object TopicContentType
  66. object TopicName
  67. object TopicPurpose
  68. object Topics
  69. object TransactionalId
  70. object ValueDeserializerClass extends Serializable
  71. object ValueSerializerClass extends Serializable
  72. object ValueSubjectNameStrategy

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