package reactivezk

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IdConversions, AnyRef, Any
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  1. reactivezk
  2. IdConversions
  3. AnyRef
  4. Any
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Type Members

  1. trait CallbackConversion extends StringCallbackConversion with DataCallbackConversion with StatCallbackConversion with ChildrenCallbackConversion with VoidCallbackConversion with WatcherConversion
  2. trait ChildrenCallbackConversion extends AnyRef
  3. class ConnectionRecoveryTimeoutException extends Exception
  4. trait CreateAsyncCallback extends AnyRef
  5. trait DataCallbackConversion extends AnyRef
  6. trait DeleteAsyncCallback extends AnyRef
  7. trait ExistsAsyncCallback extends AnyRef
  8. trait GetChildrenAsyncCallback extends AnyRef
  9. trait GetDataAsyncCallback extends AnyRef
  10. trait IdConversions extends AnyRef
  11. trait KeeperExceptionConverter extends AnyRef
  12. sealed trait NoContext extends AnyRef
  13. trait SetDataAsyncCallback extends AnyRef
  14. trait StatCallbackConversion extends AnyRef
  15. trait StringCallbackConversion extends AnyRef
  16. trait VoidCallbackConversion extends AnyRef
  17. trait WatcherCallback extends AnyRef
  18. trait WatcherConversion extends AnyRef
  19. trait ZKConnectionStateAwareActor extends Actor
  20. case class ZKSessionSettings(connectString: String, sessionTimeout: FiniteDuration, connectionTimeout: FiniteDuration) extends Product with Serializable
  21. case class ZKSessionSupervisorSettings(props: Props, childName: String, isConnectionStateAware: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  22. case class ZooKeeperSessionRestartException(sender: Option[ActorRef]) extends Exception with Product with Serializable
  23. case class ZooKeeperWatchEvent(e: WatchedEvent) extends Product with Serializable

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