Class AbstractDeviceFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:
DeviceFactoryInterface, AutoCloseable
Direct Known Subclasses:
Ads112C04, Ads1x15, BaseNativeDeviceFactory, MCP23xxx, McpAdc, PCA9685, PCF8574, PCF8591, PiconZero

public abstract class AbstractDeviceFactory
extends Object
implements DeviceFactoryInterface
Base class for all device factories, including custom board-specific provider implementations (e.g. pigpio) as well as expansion boards (e.g. the MCP 3xxx family of analog-to-digital converters).
  • Field Details

    • deviceStates

      protected DeviceStates deviceStates
    • closed

      protected boolean closed
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractDeviceFactory

      public AbstractDeviceFactory​(String deviceFactoryPrefix)
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