Interface AnalogInputDeviceInterface

All Superinterfaces:
AutoCloseable, DeviceInterface, InternalDeviceInterface
All Known Implementing Classes:
PiconZero.PiconZeroAnalogInputDevice, SysFsAnalogInputDevice

public interface AnalogInputDeviceInterface
extends InternalDeviceInterface
  • Method Details

    • getValue

      float getValue() throws RuntimeIOException
      Read the analog value in the range 0..1 or -1..1 (if the ADC type is signed)
      the unscaled value (-1..1)
      RuntimeIOException - if an I/O error occurs
    • getAdcNumber

      int getAdcNumber()
    • generatesEvents

      default boolean generatesEvents()
    • setListener

      void setListener​(DeviceEventConsumer<AnalogInputEvent> listener)
    • removeListener

      void removeListener()
    • getMode

      default DeviceMode getMode()