package funsuite

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Type Members

  1. class AfterAll extends AnyRef
  2. class AfterEach extends AnyRef
  3. class Arguments extends AnyRef
  4. trait Assertions extends AnyRef
  5. class BeforeAll extends AnyRef
  6. class BeforeEach extends AnyRef
  7. class FailException extends Exception
  8. class Framework extends JUnitFramework
  9. class FunSuite extends Assertions with TestOptionsConversions
  10. final class FunSuiteRunner extends Runner
  11. class Location extends Annotation with Serializable
  12. class Tag extends AnyRef
  13. class Test extends AnyRef
  14. case class TestOptions(name: String, tags: Set[Tag], loc: Location) extends Product with Serializable

    Options used when running a test.

    Options used when running a test. It can be built implicitly from a String (@see tests.TestOptionsConverstions)


    the test name, used in the UI and to select it with testOnly


    a set of tests.Tag, used to attach semantic information to a test

  15. trait TestOptionsConversions extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Assertions extends Assertions
  2. object Location extends Serializable
  3. object Tag