package levsha

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait Document [+MiscType] extends AnyRef

  2. final class Id extends AnyRef
  3. final class IdBuilder extends AnyRef
  4. class QualifiedName extends AnyRef
  5. trait RenderContext [-MiscType] extends AnyRef

  6. trait StatefulRenderContext [-M] extends RenderContext[M]
  7. class TemplateDsl [MiscType] extends AnyRef

    Symbol based DSL allows to define documents

    Symbol based DSL allows to define documents

      'h1(class /= "title", "Hello World"),
      'p("Lorem ipsum dolor")
  8. class TemplateDslMacro extends AnyRef
  9. final case class XmlNs (uri: String) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object Document
  2. object Id
  3. object IdBuilder

  4. object QualifiedName
  5. object XmlNs extends Serializable
  6. object text

    Default template context and dsl