package activerecord

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Type Members

  1. trait Entity extends ActiveRecord with Timestamps with Optimistic with ValidUntil

    Superclass of all entities in an application

  2. trait EntityCompanion[T <: Entity] extends ActiveRecordCompanion[T] with ValidUntilCompanion[T] with PlayFormSupport[T]

  3. class FormConverterSettings extends api.Plugin

  4. trait JodaTimeExtension extends PrimitiveTypeMode

  5. trait JsonSupport[T <: Entity, Context] extends AnyRef

  6. trait PutAll extends AnyRef

  7. trait TimestampConversion extends AnyRef

  8. trait TypeSupport extends PrimitiveTypeMode with DSL with Types with JodaTimeExtension with Annotations

  9. trait ValidUntil extends ActiveRecord with TimestampConversion

    Trait overrides default ActiveRecord functionality not to perform delete over entities

  10. trait ValidUntilCompanion[T <: ValidUntil] extends TimestampConversion

Value Members

  1. object TypeSupport extends TypeSupport