package jsonRpc

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Type Members

  1. class CircularArrayBuffer[A] extends Seq[A]

    A data structure that provides O(1) get, update, length, append, prepend, clear, trimStart and trimRight

  2. class FromJSMessageReader extends MessageReader
  3. class FromJSMessageWriter extends MessageWriter
  4. trait JSMessageReader extends Object
    @ScalaJSDefined() @RawJSType()
  5. trait JSMessageWriter extends Object
    @ScalaJSDefined() @RawJSType()
  6. class JSQueue[Item] extends SerialWorkQueue[Item]
  7. class JsonRpcConnection extends LazyLogging
  8. trait JsonRpcHandler extends AnyRef
  9. class LSPServer extends SharedLSPServer
  10. abstract class MessagePreprocessor extends JsonRpcHandler with LazyLogging
  11. trait MessageReader extends AnyRef
  12. trait MessageWriter extends AnyRef
  13. class MethodBasedJsonRpcHandler extends JsonRpcHandler with LazyLogging
  14. class NodeMessageReader extends MessageReader with LazyLogging

    A Language Server message Reader.

    A Language Server message Reader. It expects the following format:

    <Header> '\r\n' <Content>

    Header := FieldName ':' FieldValue '\r\n'

    Currently there are two defined header fields: - 'Content-Length' in bytes (required) - 'Content-Type' (string), defaults to 'application/vscode-jsonrpc; charset=utf8'


    The header part is defined to be ASCII encoded, while the content part is UTF8.

  15. class NodeMessageWriter extends MessageWriter with LazyLogging
  16. case class Notification(notification: JsonRpcNotificationMessage) extends WorkItem with Product with Serializable
  17. case class Request(request: JsonRpcRequestMessage, result: Promise[JsonRpcResponseMessage]) extends WorkItem with Product with Serializable
  18. trait SerialWorkQueue[Item] extends AnyRef

    A asynchronous queue that executes work serially

  19. trait WorkItem extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object ConsoleLogger extends Logger
  2. object MessageReader
  3. object MethodBasedJsonRpcHandler