package channels

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Type Members

  1. trait Activable extends AnyRef

  2. class FromActorToChannel[A] extends Actor

  3. class FromActorToChannelAsync[A] extends Actor

  4. class GBlockedQueue[A] extends InputOutputChannel[A] with JLockHelper

    classical blocked queue, which supports listeners.

  5. trait InputChannel[+A] extends Activable

  6. trait InputOutputChannel[A] extends InputChannel[A] with OutputChannel[A]

  7. trait JLockHelper extends AnyRef

  8. class JoinInputChannel[A] extends InputChannel[A]

  9. class JoinInputChannelBuilder[+A] extends AnyRef

  10. trait OutputChannel[-A] extends Activable

  11. class SelectorContext extends Activable

    context, which await of doing one of blocked operations.

Value Members

  1. object FromActorToChannel

  2. object SelectorMacroCaller

  3. object TypeHelper

  4. def bindRead[A](read: InputChannel[A], actor: ActorRef): Unit

  5. def bindWrite[A](write: OutputChannel[A], name: String)(implicit arg0: ClassTag[A], as: ActorSystem): ActorRef

  6. def make[A](capacity: Int = 1000)(implicit arg0: ClassTag[A], ec: ExecutionContext): InputOutputChannel[A]

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