package repl

Everything to do with the interaction of the Ammonite REPL with the user and the terminal. Interfacing with ammonite-terminal (or with JLine)

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Type Members

  1. case class AmmoniteFrontEnd(extraFilters: Filter = ammonite.terminal.Filter.empty) extends FrontEnd with Product with Serializable

  2. trait FrontEnd extends AnyRef

    All the mucky JLine interfacing code

  3. trait FullReplAPI extends ReplAPI

  4. class RemoteLogger extends AnyRef

  5. class Repl extends AnyRef

  6. trait ReplAPI extends AnyRef

  7. trait ReplApiImpl extends FullReplAPI

  8. trait Scoped extends AnyRef

    Converts something with a scoped apply method into something which can be similarly used in a for-comprehension

  9. trait Session extends AnyRef

  10. class SessionApiImpl extends Session

  11. case class SessionChanged(removedImports: Set[Symbol], addedImports: Set[Symbol], removedJars: Set[URL], addedJars: Set[URL]) extends Product with Serializable

  12. case class Signaller(sigStr: String)(f: ⇒ Unit) extends Scoped with Product with Serializable

    Lets you turn on signal handling within a certain block, attaching a callback to the handler and then turning it properly off again when the block exits.

Value Members

  1. object FrontEnd

  2. object FrontEndUtils

    Created by haoyi on 8/29/15.

  3. object Highlighter

  4. object PPrints

  5. object Repl

  6. object ReplBridge extends APIHolder[FullReplAPI]

  7. object SessionChanged extends Serializable

  8. package tools

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