package runtime

What actually lets us compile and execute code in the Ammonite REPL; deals with the Scala compiler, preprocessing the strings, JVM classloaders, etc.

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Type Members

  1. class APIHolder[T >: Null <: AnyRef] extends AnyRef

  2. trait Evaluator extends AnyRef

    Evaluates already-compiled Bytecode.

  3. class Frame extends AnyRef

    Represents a single "frame" of the stack/tree.

  4. class History extends IndexedSeq[String] with IndexedSeqLike[String, History]

  5. trait ImportHook extends AnyRef

    An extensible hook into the Ammonite REPL's import system; allows the end user to hook into import ${baz, qux => qua} syntax, and in response load jars or process source files before the "current" compilation unit is run.

  6. trait InterpAPI extends AnyRef

  7. trait Load extends (String) ⇒ Unit with LoadJar

  8. trait LoadJar extends AnyRef

  9. case class ReplExit(value: Any) extends Throwable with ControlThrowable with Product with Serializable

    Thrown to exit the REPL cleanly

  10. class SpecialClassLoader extends URLClassLoader

    Classloader used to implement the jar-downloading command-evaluating logic in Ammonite.

  11. trait Storage extends AnyRef

    Trait for the interface of common persistent storage.

Value Members

  1. object APIHolder

  2. object Classpath

    Loads the jars that make up the classpath of the scala-js-fiddle compiler and re-shapes it into the correct structure to satisfy scala-compile and scalajs-tools

  3. object Evaluator

  4. object History

  5. object ImportHook

  6. object InterpBridge extends APIHolder[InterpAPI]

  7. object SpecialClassLoader

  8. object Storage

  9. package tools

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