Interface TokenIntrospectionResponseComposer

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BaseTokenIntrospectionResponseComposer, DefaultTokenIntrospectionResponseComposer

@ThreadSafe public interface TokenIntrospectionResponseComposer extends Lifecycle
Service Provider Interface (SPI) for composing token introspection (RFC 7662) responses. Implementations must be thread-safe.

The SPI may be used to respond differently to different resource servers making the same request. For instance, an authorisation server may limit which scopes from a given token are returned for each resource server to prevent a resource server from learning more about the larger network than is necessary for its operation.

See OAuth 2.0 Token Introspection (RFC 7662), section 2.2.

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    • compose

      com.nimbusds.oauth2.sdk.TokenIntrospectionSuccessResponse compose(@Nullable AccessTokenAuthorization tokenAuthz, TokenIntrospectionContext context)
      Composes a token introspection response.

      If the access token was found to be invalid or expired the method should simply return

       if (tokenAuthz == null) {
              return new TokenIntrospectionSuccessResponse.Builder(false)
      tokenAuthz - The access token authorisation, null if the token was found to be invalid or expired (implies "active":false).
      context - The token introspection context. Not null.
      The token introspection success response (for "active":true as well as "active":false access tokens.