Class CommonClaimsSet

    • Constructor Detail

      • CommonClaimsSet

        protected CommonClaimsSet()
        Creates a new empty common claims set.
      • CommonClaimsSet

        protected CommonClaimsSet​(net.minidev.json.JSONObject jsonObject)
        Creates a new common claims set from the specified JSON object.
        jsonObject - The JSON object. Must not be null.
    • Method Detail

      • getStandardClaimNames

        public static Set<StringgetStandardClaimNames()
        Gets the names of the standard top-level claims.
        The names of the standard top-level claims (read-only set).
      • getSubject

        public Subject getSubject()
        Gets the subject. Corresponds to the sub claim.
        The subject.
      • getIssueTime

        public Date getIssueTime()
        Gets the issue time. Corresponds to the iss claim.
        The issue time, null if not specified.