Class AccessTokenValidator

  • @ThreadSafe
    public class AccessTokenValidator
    extends Object
    Access token validator, using the at_hash ID token claim. Required in the implicit flow and the hybrid flow where the access token is returned at the authorisation endpoint.

    Related specifications:

    • OpenID Connect Core 1.0, sections, and
    • Method Detail

      • validate

        public static void validate​(AccessToken accessToken,
                                    com.nimbusds.jose.JWSAlgorithm jwsAlgorithm,
                                    AccessTokenHash accessTokenHash)
                             throws InvalidHashException
        Validates the specified access token.
        accessToken - The access token. Must not be null.
        jwsAlgorithm - The JWS algorithm of the ID token. Must not be null.
        accessTokenHash - The access token hash, as set in the at_hash ID token claim. Must not be null,
        InvalidHashException - If the access token doesn't match the hash.