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Packages that use Part

Uses of Part in com.ning.http.client

Classes in com.ning.http.client that implement Part
 class ByteArrayPart
 class FilePart
          A file multipart part.
 class StringPart
          A string multipart part.

Methods in com.ning.http.client that return types with arguments of type Part
 List<Part> Request.getParts()
          Return the current Part

Methods in com.ning.http.client with parameters of type Part
 SimpleAsyncHttpClient.DerivedBuilder SimpleAsyncHttpClient.DerivedBuilder.addBodyPart(Part part)
 SimpleAsyncHttpClient.Builder SimpleAsyncHttpClient.Builder.addBodyPart(Part part)
 T RequestBuilderBase.addBodyPart(Part part)
 RequestBuilder RequestBuilder.addBodyPart(Part part)
 AsyncHttpClient.BoundRequestBuilder AsyncHttpClient.BoundRequestBuilder.addBodyPart(Part part)
 Future<Response> consumer, Part... parts)
 Future<Response> parts)
 Future<Response> SimpleAsyncHttpClient.put(BodyConsumer consumer, Part... parts)
 Future<Response> SimpleAsyncHttpClient.put(Part... parts)

Uses of Part in com.ning.http.multipart

Classes in com.ning.http.multipart that implement Part
 class Part
          This class is an adaptation of the Apache HttpClient implementation
 class PartBase
          This class is an adaptation of the Apache HttpClient implementation

Constructor parameters in com.ning.http.multipart with type arguments of type Part
MultipartBody(List<Part> parts, String contentType, long contentLength)

Uses of Part in com.ning.http.util

Method parameters in com.ning.http.util with type arguments of type Part
static MultipartRequestEntity AsyncHttpProviderUtils.createMultipartRequestEntity(List<Part> params, FluentCaseInsensitiveStringsMap requestHeaders)
          This is quite ugly as our internal names are duplicated, but we build on top of HTTP Client implementation.

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