Class FileBodyGenerator

  extended by com.ning.http.client.generators.FileBodyGenerator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class FileBodyGenerator
extends Object
implements BodyGenerator

Creates a request body from the contents of a file.

Nested Class Summary
protected static class FileBodyGenerator.FileBody
Constructor Summary
FileBodyGenerator(File file)
FileBodyGenerator(File file, long regionSeek, long regionLength)
Method Summary
 RandomAccessBody createBody()
          Creates a new instance of the request body to be read.
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Constructor Detail


public FileBodyGenerator(File file)


public FileBodyGenerator(File file,
                         long regionSeek,
                         long regionLength)
Method Detail


public RandomAccessBody createBody()
                            throws IOException
Creates a new instance of the request body to be read. While each invocation of this method is supposed to create a fresh instance of the body, the actual contents of all these body instances is the same. For example, the body needs to be resend after an authentication challenge of a redirect.

Specified by:
createBody in interface BodyGenerator
The request body, never null.
IOException - If the body could not be created.

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