Package com.ning.http.client.providers.grizzly

Interface Summary
FeedableBodyGenerator.Feeder Specifies the functionality all Feeders must implement.
FeedableBodyGenerator.NonBlockingFeeder.ReadyToFeedListener Listener to signal that data is available to be fed.
TransportCustomizer This class may be provided as an option to the GrizzlyAsyncHttpProviderConfig and allows low-level customization of the TCPNIOTransport beyond the defaults typically used.

Class Summary
FeedableBodyGenerator A Grizzly-specific BodyGenerator that allows data to be fed to the connection in blocking or non-blocking fashion via the use of a FeedableBodyGenerator.Feeder.
FeedableBodyGenerator.BaseFeeder Base class for FeedableBodyGenerator.Feeder implementations.
FeedableBodyGenerator.NonBlockingFeeder Implementations of this class provide the framework to read data from some source and feed data to the FeedableBodyGenerator without blocking.
FeedableBodyGenerator.SimpleFeeder This simple FeedableBodyGenerator.Feeder implementation allows the implementation to feed data in whatever fashion is deemed appropriate.
GrizzlyAsyncHttpProvider A Grizzly 2.0-based implementation of AsyncHttpProvider.
GrizzlyAsyncHttpProvider.GracefulCloseEvent FilterChainEvent to gracefully complete the request-response processing when Connection is getting closed by the remote host.
GrizzlyAsyncHttpProviderConfig AsyncHttpProviderConfig implementation that allows customization of the Grizzly runtime outside of the scope of what the AsyncHttpClientConfig offers.
GrizzlyConnectionsPool ConnectionsPool implementation.
GrizzlyResponse HttpResponseBodyPart implementation using the Grizzly 2.0 HTTP client codec.
GrizzlyResponseBodyPart HttpResponseBodyPart implementation using the Grizzly 2.0 HTTP client codec.
GrizzlyResponseFuture<V> AbstractListenableFuture implementation adaptation of Grizzly's FutureImpl.
GrizzlyResponseHeaders HttpResponseHeaders implementation using the Grizzly 2.0 HTTP client codec.
GrizzlyResponseStatus HttpResponseStatus implementation using the Grizzly 2.0 HTTP client codec.

Enum Summary
GrizzlyAsyncHttpProviderConfig.Property Grizzly-specific customization properties.

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