Package com.ning.compress.lzf

Class Summary
BufferRecycler Simple helper class to encapsulate details of basic buffer recycling scheme, which helps a lot (as per profiling) for smaller encoding cases.
ChunkEncoder Class that handles actual encoding of individual chunks.
LZF Simple command-line utility that can be used for testing LZF compression, or as rudimentary command-line tool.
LZFChunk Helper class used to store LZF encoded segments (compressed and non-compressed) that can be sequenced to produce LZF files/streams.
LZFDecoder Decoder that handles decoding of sequence of encoded LZF chunks, combining them into a single contiguous result byte array
LZFEncoder Encoder that handles splitting of input into chunks to encode, calls ChunkEncoder to compress individual chunks and combines resulting chunks into contiguous output byte array.
LZFOutputStream Decorator OutputStream implementation that will compress output using LZF compression algorithm.

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