package netty3

Package netty3 implements the bottom finagle primitives: {{com.twitter.finagle.Server}} and a client transport in terms of the netty3 event loop.

Note: when {{com.twitter.finagle.builder.ClientBuilder}} and {{com.twitter.finagle.builder.ServerBuilder}} are deprecated, package netty3 can move into its own package, so that only the (new-style) clients and servers that depend on netty3 bring it in.

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Type Members

  1. class ChannelBufferSnooper extends ChannelSnooper

    Log message events

  2. trait ChannelSnooper extends ChannelDownstreamHandler with ChannelUpstreamHandler

    Log events on channels

  3. case class Netty3Listener[In, Out](name: String, pipelineFactory: ChannelPipelineFactory, channelSnooper: Option[ChannelSnooper] = scala.None, channelFactory: ServerChannelFactory = Netty3Listener.channelFactory, bootstrapOptions: Map[String, AnyRef] = ..., channelReadTimeout: Duration = com.twitter.util.Duration.Top, channelWriteCompletionTimeout: Duration = com.twitter.util.Duration.Top, tlsConfig: Option[Netty3ListenerTLSConfig] = scala.None, timer: Timer = ..., nettyTimer: Timer = ..., statsReceiver: StatsReceiver = ..., monitor: Monitor = ..., logger: Logger = ...) extends Listener[In, Out] with Product with Serializable

    A listener using Netty3 which is given a ChannelPipelineFactory that yields Out-typed upstream messages and accepts In-typed downstream messages.

  4. case class Netty3ListenerTLSConfig(newEngine: () ⇒ Engine) extends Product with Serializable

    Netty3 TLS configuration.

  5. case class Netty3Transporter[In, Out](name: String, pipelineFactory: ChannelPipelineFactory, newChannel: (ChannelPipeline) ⇒ Channel = ..., newTransport: (Channel) ⇒ Transport[In, Out] = ..., tlsConfig: Option[Netty3TransporterTLSConfig] = scala.None, httpProxy: Option[SocketAddress] = scala.None, socksProxy: Option[SocketAddress] = scala.None, channelReaderTimeout: Duration = com.twitter.util.Duration.Top, channelWriterTimeout: Duration = com.twitter.util.Duration.Top, channelSnooper: Option[ChannelSnooper] = scala.None, channelOptions: Map[String, AnyRef] = ...) extends (SocketAddress, StatsReceiver) ⇒ Future[Transport[In, Out]] with Product with Serializable

    A transporter for netty3 which, given an endpoint name (socket address), provides a typed transport for communicating with this endpoint.

  6. case class Netty3TransporterTLSConfig(newEngine: () ⇒ Engine, verifyHost: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

    Netty3 TLS configuration.

  7. class SimpleChannelSnooper extends ChannelSnooper

    Log raw channel events

Value Members

  1. object ChannelSnooper

  2. object Conversions

  3. val Executor: ExecutorService

  4. object Netty3Listener extends Serializable

  5. object Netty3Transporter extends Serializable

  6. object WorkerPool extends NioWorkerPool

  7. object numWorkers extends GlobalFlag[Int]

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