package service

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Type Members

  1. class ConstantService[Req, Rep] extends Service[Req, Rep]

  2. abstract class ExpiringService[Req, Rep] extends ServiceProxy[Req, Rep]

    A service wrapper that expires the self service after a certain amount of idle time.

  3. class FailedService extends ConstantService[Any, Nothing]

  4. class FailingFactory[Req, Rep] extends ServiceFactory[Req, Rep]

  5. class FailureAccrualFactory[Req, Rep] extends ServiceFactory[Req, Rep]

    A factory that does failure accrual, marking it unavailable when deemed unhealthy according to its parameterization.

  6. case class KetamaShardingServiceBuilder[Req, Rep](_nodes: Option[Seq[KetamaNode[Service[Req, Rep]]]] = scala.None, _hash: Option[(Req) ⇒ Option[Long]] = scala.None, _numReps: Int = 160) extends Product with Serializable

  7. class LocalRateLimitingStrategy[Req] extends (Req) ⇒ Future[Boolean]

    Strategy responsible for tracking requests and computing rate per client.

  8. class OptionallyServableFilter[Req, Rep] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Rep]

  9. class ProxyService[Req, Rep] extends Service[Req, Rep]

    A service that simply proxies requests to an underlying service yielded through a Future.

  10. class RateLimitingFilter[Req, Rep] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Rep]

    Filter responsible for accepting/refusing request based on the rate limiting strategy.

  11. abstract class RetryPolicy[-A] extends (A) ⇒ Option[(Duration, RetryPolicy[A])]

    A function defining retry behavior for a given value type A.

  12. class RetryingFilter[Req, Rep] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Rep]

    RetryingFilter will coordinate retries.

  13. class ShardingService[Req, Rep] extends Service[Req, Rep]

    ShardingService takes a Distributor where the handle is a service.

  14. abstract class SimpleRetryPolicy[A] extends RetryPolicy[A] with (A) ⇒ Option[(Duration, RetryPolicy[A])]

    A retry policy abstract class.

  15. class SingletonFactory[Req, Rep] extends ServiceFactory[Req, Rep]

  16. class StatsFilter[Req, Rep] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Rep]

    StatsFilter reports request statistics to the given receiver.

  17. class StatsServiceFactory[Req, Rep] extends ServiceFactoryProxy[Req, Rep]

  18. class TimeoutFilter[Req, Rep] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Rep]

    A filter to apply a global timeout to the request.

Value Members

  1. object Backoff

    Implements various backoff strategies.

  2. object NilService extends FailedService

  3. object RetryPolicy extends JavaSingleton

  4. object RetryingFilter

  5. object RetryingService

  6. object TimeoutFilter