package stats

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Type Members

  1. trait Counter extends AnyRef

    A writeable Counter.

  2. trait Gauge extends AnyRef

    Exposes the value of a function.

  3. class InMemoryStatsReceiver extends StatsReceiver

    In-memory stats receiver for testing.

  4. class JavaLoggerStatsReceiver extends StatsReceiverWithCumulativeGauges

  5. abstract class NameTranslatingStatsReceiver extends StatsReceiver

  6. class NullStatsReceiver extends StatsReceiver with JavaSingleton

  7. trait ReadableCounter extends Counter

  8. trait ReadableStat extends Stat

  9. class RollupStatsReceiver extends StatsReceiver with Proxy

    A RollupStatsReceiver reports stats on multiple Counter/Stat/Gauge based on the sequence of names you pass.

  10. trait Stat extends AnyRef

    An append-only collection of time-series data.

  11. trait StatsReceiver extends AnyRef

  12. trait StatsReceiverProxy extends StatsReceiver

  13. trait StatsReceiverWithCumulativeGauges extends StatsReceiver

  14. class SummarizingStatsReceiver extends StatsReceiverWithCumulativeGauges

Value Members

  1. object BroadcastCounter

    BroadcastCounter is a helper object that create a Counter wrapper around multiple Counters (n).

  2. object BroadcastStat

    BroadcastStat is a helper object that create a Counter wrapper around multiple Stats (n).

  3. object BroadcastStatsReceiver

    BroadcastStatsReceiver is a helper object that create a StatsReceiver wrapper around multiple StatsReceivers (n).

  4. object ClientStatsReceiver extends StatsReceiverProxy

  5. object DefaultStatsReceiver extends StatsReceiverProxy

  6. object JavaLoggerStatsReceiver

  7. object LoadedStatsReceiver extends StatsReceiverProxy

    A com.twitter.finagle.stats.StatsReceiver that loads all service-loadable receivers and broadcasts stats to them.

  8. object NullStatsReceiver extends NullStatsReceiver

  9. object ServerStatsReceiver extends StatsReceiverProxy

  10. object StatsReceiver