package tracing

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait Annotation extends AnyRef

  2. class BufferingTracer extends Tracer with Iterable[Record]

  3. class ClientDestTracingFilter[Req, Rep] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Rep]

    Filter for clients to record the remote address of the server.

  4. trait ClientRequestTracingFilter[Req, Res] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Res]

    Adds the basic tracing information to a request.

  5. case class Flags(flags: Long) extends Product with Serializable

    Represents flags that can be passed along in request headers.

  6. class NullTracer extends Tracer

  7. case class Record(traceId: TraceId, timestamp: Time, annotation: Annotation, duration: Option[Duration]) extends Product with Serializable

    Records information of interest to the tracing system.

  8. class ServerDestTracingProxy[Req, Rep] extends ServiceFactoryProxy[Req, Rep]

  9. final class SpanId extends Proxy

    Defines trace identifiers.

  10. final case class TraceId(_traceId: Option[SpanId], _parentId: Option[SpanId], spanId: SpanId, _sampled: Option[Boolean], flags: Flags) extends Product with Serializable

    A trace id represents one particular trace for one request.

  11. trait Tracer extends AnyRef

  12. class TracingFilter[Req, Rep] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Rep]

  13. class TracingLogHandler extends Handler

    A logging Handler that sends log information via tracing

Value Members

  1. object Annotation

  2. object BroadcastTracer

  3. object ConsoleTracer extends Tracer

  4. object DefaultTracer extends Tracer with Proxy

  5. object Flags extends Serializable

  6. object NullTracer extends NullTracer

  7. object Record extends Serializable

  8. object SpanId

  9. object Trace

    Trace maintains the state of the tracing stack The current TraceId has a terminal flag, indicating whether it can be overridden with a different TraceId.

  10. object TraceId extends Serializable

  11. object Tracer