package suites

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Type Members

  1. trait BaseTest extends FlatSpec with CassandraTest with TestZookeeperConnector

  2. trait CassandraFeatureSpec extends FeatureSpec with SimpleCassandraTest

  3. trait CassandraFlatSpec extends FlatSpec with SimpleCassandraTest

  4. trait CassandraSetup extends AnyRef

  5. trait CassandraTest extends ScalaFutures with Matchers with Assertions with AsyncAssertions with CassandraSetup with BeforeAndAfterAll

  6. trait FeatureBaseTest extends FeatureSpec with CassandraTest with TestZookeeperConnector

  7. trait PhantomCassandraConnector extends SimpleCassandraConnector

  8. trait PhantomCassandraTestSuite extends FlatSpec with CassandraFlatSpec with PhantomCassandraConnector

  9. trait SimpleCassandraTest extends ScalaFutures with SimpleCassandraConnector with Matchers with Assertions with AsyncAssertions with BeforeAndAfterAll with CassandraSetup

  10. trait TestZookeeperConnector extends DefaultZookeeperConnector with CassandraSetup