Interface BlockItem

    • Method Detail

      • getRawWord

        java.lang.String getRawWord()
        The untransformed raw text from the user serving as base for this item.
      • getOrigin

        Substring getOrigin()
        Returns the substring which is the origin of this item, or null if none
      • stringValue

        java.lang.String stringValue()
        Returns the value of this term as a string
      • isFromQuery

        boolean isFromQuery()
        Is this block of text conceptually from the user query?
      • isStemmed

        boolean isStemmed()
      • isWords

        boolean isWords()
        Does this item represent "usual words"?
      • getSegmentingRule

        SegmentingRule getSegmentingRule()
        If the block has to be resegmented, what operator should be chosen if it is necessary to change operator?