Class NonReducibleCompositeItem

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    SameElementItem, WeakAndItem

    public abstract class NonReducibleCompositeItem
    extends CompositeItem
    A composite item which specifies semantics which are not maintained if an instance with a single child is replaced by the single child.

    Most composites, like AND and OR, are reducible as e.g (AND a) is semantically equal to (a).

    This type functions as a marker type for query rewriters.

    • Constructor Detail

      • NonReducibleCompositeItem

        public NonReducibleCompositeItem()
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      • extractSingleChild

        public java.util.Optional<Item> extractSingleChild()
        Description copied from class: CompositeItem
        Will return its single child if itself can safely be omitted.
        extractSingleChild in class CompositeItem
        a valid Item or empty Optional if it can not be done