Class CatFunction

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    public class CatFunction
    extends FunctionNode
    This class represents a cat-function in a GroupingExpression. It evaluates to a byte array that equals the concatenation of the binary result of all arguments in the order they were given to the constructor.
    Simon Thoresen Hult, bratseth
    • Constructor Detail

      • CatFunction

        public CatFunction​(GroupingExpression arg1,
                           GroupingExpression arg2,
                           GroupingExpression... argN)
        Constructs a new instance of this class.
        arg1 - The first compulsory argument.
        arg2 - The second compulsory argument.
        argN - The optional arguments.
    • Method Detail

      • newInstance

        public static CatFunction newInstance​(java.util.List<GroupingExpression> args)
        Constructs a new instance of this class from a list of arguments.
        args - The arguments to pass to the constructor.
        The created instance.
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - Thrown if the number of arguments is less than 2.