Class AllParser

    • Method Detail

      • parseItemsBody

        protected Item parseItemsBody()
      • simplifyUnnecessaryComposites

        protected final Item simplifyUnnecessaryComposites​(Item item)
      • negativeItem

        protected Item negativeItem()
      • combineItems

        protected Item combineItems​(Item topLevelItem,
                                    Item item)
        Returns the top level item resulting from combining the given top level item and the new item. This implements most of the weird transformation rules of the parser.
      • handleComposite

        protected Item handleComposite​(boolean topLevel)
      • anyItems

        protected Item anyItems​(boolean topLevel)
        A collection of one or more items. More items are collected in the default composite - or. If there's a explicit composite and some other terms, a rank terms combines them
      • positiveItem

        protected Item positiveItem()
      • compositeItem

        protected Item compositeItem()
      • setSubmodeFromIndex

        protected void setSubmodeFromIndex​(java.lang.String indexName,
                                           IndexFacts.Session indexFacts)
        Sets the submodes used for url parsing. Override this to influence when such submodes are used.
      • indexableItem

        protected Item indexableItem()