Class QueryProfileXMLReader

  • public class QueryProfileXMLReader
    extends java.lang.Object
    Importer of query profiles and types from XML files
    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryProfileXMLReader

        public QueryProfileXMLReader()
    • Method Detail

      • read

        public QueryProfileRegistry read​(java.lang.String directory)
        Reads all query profile xml files in a given directory, and all type xml files from the immediate subdirectory "types/" (if any)
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the directory is not readable, or if there is some error in the XML
      • read

        public QueryProfileRegistry read​(java.util.List<> queryProfileTypeReaders,
                                         java.util.List<> queryProfileReaders)
        Read the XML file readers into a registry. This does not close the readers. This method is used directly from the admin system.
      • createQueryProfileTypes

        public java.util.List<org.w3c.dom.Element> createQueryProfileTypes​(java.util.List<> queryProfileTypeReaders,
                                                                           QueryProfileTypeRegistry registry)
      • createQueryProfiles

        public java.util.List<org.w3c.dom.Element> createQueryProfiles​(java.util.List<> queryProfileReaders,
                                                                       QueryProfileRegistry registry)
      • fillQueryProfileTypes

        public void fillQueryProfileTypes​(java.util.List<org.w3c.dom.Element> queryProfileTypeElements,
                                          QueryProfileTypeRegistry registry)
      • fillQueryProfiles

        public void fillQueryProfiles​(java.util.List<org.w3c.dom.Element> queryProfileElements,
                                      QueryProfileRegistry registry)