Class CompositeItemCondition

  • public class CompositeItemCondition
    extends CompositeCondition
    A condition on the presense of a particular kind of composite item (possibly also with a particular content)
    • Constructor Detail

      • CompositeItemCondition

        public CompositeItemCondition()
    • Method Detail

      • doesMatch

        protected boolean doesMatch​(RuleEvaluation e)
        Description copied from class: Condition
        Returns whether this condition matches the given evaluation at the current location of the evaluation. If there is a match, the evaluation must be advanced to the location beyond the matching item(s) before this method returns.
        Specified by:
        doesMatch in class Condition
      • toInnerString

        protected java.lang.String toInnerString()
        Description copied from class: Condition
        All instances of this produces a parseable string output
        Specified by:
        toInnerString in class Condition