Class Fs4Config

  • public final class Fs4Config
    This class represents the root node of fs4 Copyright 2017 Yahoo Holdings. Licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE in the project root.
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      static java.lang.String getDefMd5()  
      static java.lang.String getDefName()  
      static java.lang.String getDefNamespace()  
      static java.lang.String getDefVersion()  
      int numlistenerthreads()  
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        public static final java.lang.String CONFIG_DEF_NAMESPACE
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        public static final java.lang.String CONFIG_DEF_VERSION
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final java.lang.String[] CONFIG_DEF_SCHEMA
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      • getDefMd5

        public static java.lang.String getDefMd5()
      • getDefName

        public static java.lang.String getDefName()
      • getDefNamespace

        public static java.lang.String getDefNamespace()
      • getDefVersion

        public static java.lang.String getDefVersion()
      • numlistenerthreads

        public int numlistenerthreads()