package concurrent

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Type Members

  1. final class Atomic[A] extends AnyRef

    Extension to AtomicReference that allows more idiomatic usage.

  2. class Backoff extends AnyRef

    Simple backoff implementation, not exponential, grows randomly but linearly

  3. class Gate extends AnyRef

  4. class IntRepeater extends AnyRef

  5. final class Memoize[E, A] extends AnyRef

    Simple memoizer that can fail.

  6. case class Pool[+A](available: List[A] = immutable.this.Nil, busy: List[A] = immutable.this.Nil) extends Product with Serializable

    Pool manages two queues of available and busy objects.

  7. class SequenceGenerator extends AnyRef

    Thread-safe monotonic sequence generator

Value Members

  1. object Atomic

  2. object AtomicPool

    Creates a thread-safe mutable Pool wrapper

  3. object Backoff

  4. object Gate

  5. object IntRepeater

  6. object Memoize

  7. object Pool extends Serializable

  8. object ThreadFactories

    Factory for creating {{ThreadFactory}} instances.