package woodstox

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Type Members

  1. final case class CommentingXMLStreamWriter(self: IndentingXMLStreamWriter, comments: XMLCommentProvider) extends XMLStreamWriterProxy with Product with Serializable
  2. final case class IndentingXMLStreamWriter(self: XMLStreamWriter, indent: String = " ") extends IndentingXMLStreamWriterBase with Product with Serializable
  3. final case class IndentingXMLStreamWriter2(self: XMLStreamWriter2, indent: String = " ") extends IndentingXMLStreamWriterBase with XMLStreamWriter2Proxy with Product with Serializable
  4. trait IndentingXMLStreamWriterBase extends XMLStreamWriterProxy
  5. class JAXBHelpers[T] extends AnyRef
  6. final class JAXBMarshaller[T] extends Logging

    A wraper around the JAXB Marshaller/Unmarshaller.

    A wraper around the JAXB Marshaller/Unmarshaller. This class is thread-safe.

  7. final class Jaxb2Marshaller extends Logging

    TODO: Clean this up

  8. sealed trait MarshallerOption extends AnyRef
  9. final case class ParallelXmlWriter[T](classes: Seq[Class[_]], rootName: String, outputStream: OutputStream) extends Closeable with Product with Serializable
  10. final class RichXMLStreamReader2 extends AnyVal
  11. final class RichXMLStreamWriter extends AnyVal
  12. trait XMLCommentProvider extends AnyRef
  13. trait XMLStreamWriter2Proxy extends XMLStreamWriter2 with XMLStreamWriterProxy
  14. trait XMLStreamWriterProxy extends XMLStreamWriter
  15. final case class XmlInvalidCharFilter(r: Reader) extends InvalidCharFilterReader with Product with Serializable
  16. final case class XmlReader[T](rootName: String, defaultNamespaceURI: String, overrideDefaultNamespaceURI: String, resource: Resource[Reader], targets: IndexedSeq[XmlReaderPath[_, T]]) extends ResourceLazySeq[T, Reader] with Logging with Product with Serializable

    defaultNamespaceURI - If no namespace is set, use this as a default overrideDefaultNamespaceURI - Override the namespace and just use this instead

  17. final class XmlReaderFactory[T] extends AnyRef
  18. final case class XmlReaderPath[XmlValue, MappedXmlValue](itemPath: String, toMappedValue: (XmlValue) ⇒ MappedXmlValue)(implicit evidence$2: ClassTag[XmlValue]) extends Logging with Product with Serializable


    The unmarshalled element class type


    A mapped XmlValue type


    The XPath-like path to the element we are interested in. (e.g. "part", "items/part", etc)


    Map the XmlValue into another return type, this should match the return type in MultiXmlReader

  19. final class XmlWriter extends Closeable with Validatable
  20. final case class XmlWriterFactory[T](rootName: String, defaultNamespaceURI: String = "", overrideDefaultNamespaceURI: String = "")(implicit evidence$1: ClassTag[T]) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. def void(as: Any*): Unit

    Used to swallow unused warnings.

    Used to swallow unused warnings.

  2. object CommentingXMLStreamWriter extends Serializable
  3. object JAXBMarshaller
  4. object ParallelXmlWriter extends Serializable
  5. object RichXMLStreamReader2
  6. object RichXMLStreamWriter
  7. object XMLValidator
  8. object XmlFormatter
  9. object XmlFragment extends MarshallerOption with Product with Serializable
  10. object XmlPretty extends MarshallerOption with Product with Serializable
  11. object XmlReader extends Serializable
  12. object XmlReaderFactory
  13. object XmlReaderPath extends Serializable

Deprecated Value Members

  1. object Jaxb2Marshaller extends Logging

    (Since version ) Use woodstox.JAXBMarshaller instead

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