Interface ActionModel

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      java.lang.Iterable<ActionListener> getActionListeners()  
      void performAction()
      Performs the action with default force and default option.
      void performAction​(int force, int option)
      Performs the action with the given force and option.
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      • getActionListeners

        java.lang.Iterable<ActionListener> getActionListeners()
        all registered action listeners.
      • performAction

        void performAction​(int force,
                           int option)
        Performs the action with the given force and option. An ActionEvent is fired to all registered ActionListeners.
        force - The zero-based force, such as 0 for no force or 1 for an action initiated by from a mouse single click.
        option - The zero-based option, such as 0 for an event initiated by a mouse left button click or 1 for an event initiated by a mouse right button click.