package reactive

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Type Members

  1. trait Consumer[-In, +R] extends (Observable[In]) ⇒ Task[R] with Serializable

    The Consumer is a specification of how to consume an observable.

  2. sealed abstract class MulticastStrategy[+A] extends Serializable

    The MulticastStrategy specifies the strategy for building data-sources that are shared between multiple subscribers.

  3. sealed abstract class Notification[+A] extends Serializable

    Used by Observable.materialize.

  4. trait Observable[+A] extends ObservableLike[A, Observable]

    The Observable type that implements the Reactive Pattern.

  5. trait Observer[-A] extends Serializable

    The Observer from the Rx pattern is the trio of callbacks that get subscribed to an Observable for receiving events.

  6. sealed abstract class OverflowStrategy[+A] extends Serializable

    Represents the buffering overflowStrategy chosen for actions that need buffering, instructing the pipeline what to do when the buffer is full.

  7. abstract class Pipe[I, +O] extends ObservableLike[O, [+α]Pipe[I, α]]

    Represents a factory for an input/output channel for broadcasting input to multiple subscribers.

Value Members

  1. object Consumer extends Serializable

    The companion object of Consumer, defines consumer builders.

  2. object MulticastStrategy extends Serializable

    The MulticastStrategy enumerated.

  3. object Notification extends Serializable

  4. object Observable extends Serializable

    Observable builders.

  5. object Observer extends Serializable

  6. object OverflowStrategy extends Serializable

  7. object Pipe extends Serializable

  8. package exceptions

  9. package instances

  10. package observables

  11. package observers

  12. package subjects