Package io.muserver

Interface SSLInfo

  • public interface SSLInfo
    Information about the SSL settings being used by the server
    • Method Detail

      • ciphers

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> ciphers()
        An unmodifiable list of ciphers supported, in preference order
      • protocols

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> protocols()
        An unmodifiable list of protocols supported, such as TLSv1.2
      • providerName

        java.lang.String providerName()
        Gets the SSL provider, e.g. JDK or OpenSSL
      • certificates

        java.util.List<> certificates()

        Gets the server certificates that are in use.

        Note: The certificate information is found by making an HTTPS connection to https://localhost:{port}/ and if any exceptions are thrown while doing the lookup then an empty array is returned.

        Using this information, you can find information such as the expiry date of your certiticates by calling X509Certificate.getNotAfter().

        An ordered list of server certificates, with the server's own certificate first followed by any certificate authorities.