Class KeyExtent

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    public class KeyExtent
    extends Object
    keeps track of information needed to identify a tablet
    • Constructor Detail

      • KeyExtent

        public KeyExtent()
        Default constructor
      • KeyExtent

        public KeyExtent​(String table,
      • KeyExtent

        public KeyExtent​(KeyExtent extent)
      • KeyExtent

        public KeyExtent​( flattenedExtent,
                         Value prevEndRow)
      • KeyExtent

        public KeyExtent​( flattenedExtent,
    • Method Detail

      • getMetadataEntry

        public getMetadataEntry()
        Returns a String representing this extent's entry in the Metadata table
      • getMetadataEntry

        public static getMetadataEntry​(String tableId,
      • setTableId

        public void setTableId​(String tId)
        Sets the extents table id
      • getTableId

        public String getTableId()
        Returns the extent's table id
      • setEndRow

        public void setEndRow​( endRow)
        Sets this extent's end row
      • getEndRow

        public getEndRow()
        Returns this extent's end row
      • getPrevEndRow

        public getPrevEndRow()
        Return the previous extent's end row
      • setPrevEndRow

        public void setPrevEndRow​( prevEndRow)
        Sets the previous extent's end row
      • readFields

        public void readFields​(DataInput in)
                        throws IOException
        Specified by:
        readFields in interface
      • getPrevRowUpdateMutation

        public Mutation getPrevRowUpdateMutation()
        Returns a String representing the previous extent's entry in the Metadata table
      • getKeyExtentsForRange

        public static Collection<KeyExtent> getKeyExtentsForRange​( startRow,
                                                                  Set<KeyExtent> kes)
        this method not intended for public use and is likely to be removed in a future version.
        Empty start or end rows tell the method there are no start or end rows, and to use all the keyextents that are before the end row if no start row etc.
        all the key extents that the rows cover
      • decodePrevEndRow

        public static decodePrevEndRow​(Value ibw)
      • encodePrevEndRow

        public static Value encodePrevEndRow​( per)
      • getPrevRowUpdateMutation

        public static Mutation getPrevRowUpdateMutation​(KeyExtent ke)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • getUUID

        public UUID getUUID()
      • tableOfMetadataRow

        public static byte[] tableOfMetadataRow​( row)
      • contains

        public boolean contains​(ByteSequence bsrow)
      • contains

        public boolean contains​( row)
      • toDataRange

        public Range toDataRange()
      • toMetadataRange

        public Range toMetadataRange()
      • overlaps

        public boolean overlaps​(KeyExtent other)
      • getMetadataEntry

        public static getMetadataEntry​(KeyExtent extent)
      • isPreviousExtent

        public boolean isPreviousExtent​(KeyExtent prevExtent)
      • isMeta

        public boolean isMeta()
      • isRootTablet

        public boolean isRootTablet()