Package org.apache.accumulo.core.client.mapreduce.lib.util

This package exists to store common helpers for configuring MapReduce jobs in a single location.


Class Summary

Enum Summary
ConfiguratorBase.ConnectorInfo Configuration keys for Instance.getConnector(String, byte[]).
ConfiguratorBase.GeneralOpts Configuration keys for general configuration options.
ConfiguratorBase.InstanceOpts Configuration keys for Instance, ZooKeeperInstance, and MockInstance.
FileOutputConfigurator.Opts Configuration keys for AccumuloConfiguration.
InputConfigurator.Features Configuration keys for various features.
InputConfigurator.ScanOpts Configuration keys for Scanner.
OutputConfigurator.Features Configuration keys for various features.
OutputConfigurator.WriteOpts Configuration keys for BatchWriter.

Package org.apache.accumulo.core.client.mapreduce.lib.util Description

This package exists to store common helpers for configuring MapReduce jobs in a single location. It contains static configurator methods, stored in classes separate from the things they configure (typically, AccumuloInputFormat/ AccumuloOutputFormat and related classes in compatible frameworks), rather than storing them in those InputFormats/OutputFormats, so as not to clutter their API with methods that don't match the conventions for that framework. These classes may be useful to input/output plugins for other frameworks, so they can reuse the same configuration options and/or serialize them into a Configuration instance in a standard way.

It is not expected these will change much (except when new features are added), but end users should not use these classes. They should use the static configurators on the InputFormat or OutputFormat they are configuring, which in turn may use these classes to implement their own static configurators. Once again, these classes are intended for internal use, but may be useful to developers of plugins for other frameworks that read/write to Accumulo.


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