Package org.apache.accumulo.core.client

Interface Summary
BatchDeleter Implementations of BatchDeleter support efficient deletion of ranges in accumulo.
BatchScanner Implementations of BatchScanner support efficient lookups of many ranges in accumulo.
BatchWriter Send Mutations to a single Table in Accumulo.
Instance This class represents the information a client needs to know to connect to an instance of accumulo.
MultiTableBatchWriter This class enables efficient batch writing to multiple tables.
Scanner Scans a table over a given range.
ScannerBase This class hosts configuration methods that are shared between different types of scanners.

Class Summary
BatchWriterConfig This object holds configuration settings used to instantiate a BatchWriter
ClientSideIteratorScanner A scanner that instantiates iterators on the client side instead of on the tablet server.
Connector Connector connects to an Accumulo instance and allows the user to request readers and writers for the instance as well as various objects that permit administrative operations.
IsolatedScanner A scanner that presents a row isolated view of an accumulo table.
IteratorSetting Configure an iterator for minc, majc, and/or scan.
IteratorSetting.Column A convenience class for passing column family and column qualifiers to iterator configuration methods.
RowIterator Group Key/Value pairs into Iterators over rows.
ZooKeeperInstance An implementation of instance that looks in zookeeper to find information needed to connect to an instance of accumulo.

Exception Summary
AccumuloException A generic Accumulo Exception for general accumulo failures.
AccumuloSecurityException An Accumulo Exception for security violations, authentication failures, authorization failures, etc.
MutationsRejectedException Communicate the failed mutations of a BatchWriter back to the client.
TableDeletedException This exception is thrown if a table is deleted after an operation starts.
TableExistsException Thrown when the table specified already exists, and it was expected that it didn't
TableNotFoundException Thrown when the table specified doesn't exist when it was expected to

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