Package org.apache.accumulo.core.file.rfile.bcfile

Interface Summary
RawComparable Interface for objects that can be compared through RawComparator.

Class Summary
BCFile Block Compressed file, the underlying physical storage layer for TFile.
BCFile.Reader BCFile Reader, interface to read the file's data and meta blocks.
BCFile.Reader.BlockReader Access point to read a block.
BCFile.Writer BCFile writer, the entry point for creating a new BCFile.
ByteArray Adaptor class to wrap byte-array backed objects (including java byte array) as RawComparable objects.
TFile A TFile is a container of key-value pairs.
TFile.Reader TFile Reader.
TFile.Reader.Scanner The TFile Scanner.
TFile.Writer TFile Writer.
Utils Supporting Utility classes used by TFile, and shared by users of TFile.
Utils.Version A generic Version class.

Exception Summary
MetaBlockAlreadyExists Exception - Meta Block with the same name already exists.
MetaBlockDoesNotExist Exception - No such Meta Block with the given name.

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