Package org.apache.accumulo.core.iterators

Interface Summary
OptionDescriber The OptionDescriber interface allows you to set up iterator properties interactively in the accumulo shell.
SortedKeyValueIterator<K extends WritableComparable<?>,V extends Writable> An iterator that supports iterating over key and value pairs.
TypedValueCombiner.Encoder<V> An interface for translating from byte[] to V and back.

Class Summary
AggregatingIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by Combiner
Combiner A SortedKeyValueIterator that combines the Values for different versions (timestamps) of a Key into a single Value.
Combiner.ValueIterator A Java Iterator that iterates over the Values for a given Key from a source SortedKeyValueIterator.
DevNull An iterator that is useful testing...
FamilyIntersectingIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by IndexedDocIterator
Filter A SortedKeyValueIterator that filters entries from its source iterator.
GrepIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by GrepIterator
IntersectingIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by IntersectingIterator
LargeRowFilter Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by LargeRowFilter
LongCombiner A TypedValueCombiner that translates each Value to a Long before reducing, then encodes the reduced Long back to a Value.
LongCombiner.FixedLenEncoder An Encoder that uses an 8-byte encoding for Longs.
LongCombiner.StringEncoder An Encoder that uses a String representation of Longs.
LongCombiner.VarLenEncoder An Encoder that uses a variable-length encoding for Longs.
OrIterator An iterator that handles "OR" query constructs on the server side.
RowDeletingIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by RowDeletingIterator
SortedMapIterator A simple iterator over a Java SortedMap
TypedValueCombiner<V> A Combiner that decodes each Value to type V before reducing, then encodes the result of typedReduce back to Value.
VersioningIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by VersioningIterator
WholeRowIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by WholeRowIterator
WrappingIterator A convenience class for implementing iterators that select, but do not modify, entries read from a source iterator.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
ValueFormatException Exception used for TypedValueCombiner and it's Encoders decode() function

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