Package org.apache.accumulo.core.file.blockfile.cache

Interface Summary
BlockCache Block cache interface.
HeapSize Implementations can be asked for an estimate of their size in bytes.

Class Summary
CachedBlock Represents an entry in the LruBlockCache.
CachedBlockQueue A memory-bound queue that will grow until an element brings total size >= maxSize.
ClassSize Class for determining the "size" of a class, an attempt to calculate the actual bytes that an object of this class will occupy in memory The core of this class is taken from the Derby project
LruBlockCache A block cache implementation that is memory-aware using HeapSize, memory-bound using an LRU eviction algorithm, and concurrent: backed by a ConcurrentHashMap and with a non-blocking eviction thread giving constant-time LruBlockCache.cacheBlock(java.lang.String, byte[], boolean) and LruBlockCache.getBlock(java.lang.String) operations.
SimpleBlockCache Simple one RFile soft reference cache.

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