Package org.apache.accumulo.core.iterators

Interface Summary
OptionDescriber The OptionDescriber interface allows you to set up iterator properties interactively in the accumulo shell.
SortedKeyValueIterator<K extends WritableComparable<?>,V extends Writable> An iterator that supports iterating over key and value pairs.
TypedValueCombiner.Encoder<V> An interface for translating from byte[] to V and back.

Class Summary
AggregatingIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by Combiner
Combiner A SortedKeyValueIterator that combines the Values for different versions (timestamp) of a Key within a row into a single Value.
Combiner.ValueIterator A Java Iterator that iterates over the Values for a given Key from a source SortedKeyValueIterator.
DevNull An iterator that is useful testing...
FamilyIntersectingIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by IndexedDocIterator
Filter A SortedKeyValueIterator that filters entries from its source iterator.
GrepIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by GrepIterator
IntersectingIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by IntersectingIterator
LargeRowFilter Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by LargeRowFilter
LongCombiner A TypedValueCombiner that translates each Value to a Long before reducing, then encodes the reduced Long back to a Value.
LongCombiner.FixedLenEncoder An Encoder that uses an 8-byte encoding for Longs.
LongCombiner.StringEncoder An Encoder that uses a String representation of Longs.
LongCombiner.VarLenEncoder An Encoder that uses a variable-length encoding for Longs.
OrIterator An iterator that handles "OR" query constructs on the server side.
RowDeletingIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by RowDeletingIterator
SkippingIterator Every call to and, Collection, boolean) calls the parent's implementation and then calls the implementation's SkippingIterator.consume().
SortedMapIterator A simple iterator over a Java SortedMap Note that this class is intended as an in-memory replacement for RFile$Reader, so its behavior reflects the same assumptions; namely, that this iterator is not responsible for respecting the columnFamilies passed into seek().
TypedValueCombiner<V> A Combiner that decodes each Value to type V before reducing, then encodes the result of typedReduce back to Value.
VersioningIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by VersioningIterator
WholeRowIterator Deprecated. since 1.4, replaced by WholeRowIterator
WrappingIterator A convenience class for implementing iterators that select, but do not modify, entries read from a source iterator.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
ValueFormatException Exception used for TypedValueCombiner and it's Encoders decode() function

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