Class Accumulo

  • public final class Accumulo
    extends Object
    This class contains all API entry points created in 2.0.0 or later. The majority of the API is accessible indirectly via methods in this class. Below are a list of APIs entry points that are not accessible from here.
    • Hadoop input, output formats and partitioners in org.apache.accumulo.hadoop.mapred and org.apache.accumulo.hadoop.mapreduce packages.
    • org.apache.accumulo.minicluster.MiniAccumuloCluster Not linkable by javadoc, because in a separate module.
    • Lexicoder and all of its implementations in the same package.
    • RFile
    See Also:
    Accumulo Website, Accumulo Public API, Semver 2.0
    • Method Detail

      • newClient

        public static AccumuloClient.PropertyOptions<AccumuloClient> newClient()
        Fluent entry point for creating an AccumuloClient. For example:
         try (AccumuloClient client = Accumulo.newClient()
                .to(instanceName, zookeepers)
                .as(user, password).build())
           // use the client
        a builder object for Accumulo clients
      • newClientProperties

        public static AccumuloClient.PropertyOptions<Properties> newClientProperties()
        Fluent entry point for creating client Properties. For example:
         Properties clientProperties = Accumulo.newClientProperties()
                      .to(instanceName, zookeepers)
                      .as(user, password).build())
        a builder object for client Properties