Interface ReplicationOperations

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    public interface ReplicationOperations
    Supports replication configuration
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      void addPeer​(String name, String replicaType)
      Defines a cluster with the given name and the given name system.
      void drain​(String tableName)
      Waits for a table to be fully replicated, given the state of files pending replication for the provided table at the point in time which this method is invoked.
      void drain​(String tableName, Set<String> files)
      Given the provided set of files that are pending replication for a table, wait for those files to be fully replicated to all configured peers.
      Set<String> referencedFiles​(String tableName)
      Gets all of the referenced files for a table from the metadata table.
      void removePeer​(String name)
      Removes a cluster with the given name.