Class MetadataSchema.TabletsSection.TabletColumnFamily

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    public static class MetadataSchema.TabletsSection.TabletColumnFamily
    extends Object
    Column family for storing the tablet information needed by clients
    • Field Detail

      • STR_NAME

        public static final String STR_NAME
        This needs to sort after all other column families for that tablet, because the PREV_ROW_COLUMN sits in this and that needs to sort last because the SimpleGarbageCollector relies on this.
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        Constant Field Values
      • NAME

        public static final NAME

        public static final String PREV_ROW_QUAL
        README : very important that prevRow sort last to avoid race conditions between garbage collector and split this needs to sort after everything else for that tablet
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final ColumnFQ PREV_ROW_COLUMN

        public static final ColumnFQ OLD_PREV_ROW_COLUMN
        A temporary field in case a split fails and we need to roll back

        public static final ColumnFQ SPLIT_RATIO_COLUMN
        A temporary field for splits to optimize certain operations
    • Constructor Detail

      • TabletColumnFamily

        public TabletColumnFamily()