Class VisibilityEvaluator

  • public class VisibilityEvaluator
    extends Object
    A class which evaluates visibility expressions against a set of authorizations.
    • Constructor Detail

      • VisibilityEvaluator

        public VisibilityEvaluator​(AuthorizationContainer authsContainer)
        Creates a new evaluator for the authorizations found in the given container.
      • VisibilityEvaluator

        public VisibilityEvaluator​(Authorizations authorizations)
        Creates a new evaluator for the given collection of authorizations. Each authorization string is escaped before handling, and the original strings are unchanged.
        authorizations - authorizations object
    • Method Detail

      • escape

        public static byte[] escape​(byte[] auth,
                                    boolean quote)
        Properly escapes an authorization string. The string can be quoted if desired.
        auth - authorization string, as UTF-8 encoded bytes
        quote - true to wrap escaped authorization in quotes
        escaped authorization string
      • evaluate

        public boolean evaluate​(ColumnVisibility visibility)
                         throws VisibilityParseException
        Evaluates the given column visibility against the authorizations provided to this evaluator. A visibility passes evaluation if all authorizations in it are contained in those known to the evaluator, and all AND and OR subexpressions have at least two children.
        visibility - column visibility to evaluate
        true if visibility passes evaluation
        VisibilityParseException - if an AND or OR subexpression has less than two children, or a subexpression is of an unknown type