Class CleanUp

  • @Deprecated
    public class CleanUp
    extends Object
    since 2.0.0 Use only AccumuloClient instead. Also, make sure you close the AccumuloClient instances.
    Connector uses static resource that create threads and use memory. The only way to clean up these static resource related to Connectors created using ZookeeperInstance is to use this class.

    This class is not needed when only using AccumuloClient. The new AccumuloClient API that replaces Connector is closable. For code that only uses AccumuloClient, when all AccumuloClients are closed resources are cleaned up. Connectors that are derived from an AccumuloClient do not necessitate the use of this code.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CleanUp

        public CleanUp()
    • Method Detail

      • shutdownNow

        public static void shutdownNow()
        kills all threads created by internal Accumulo singleton resources. After this method is called, no Connector will work in the current classloader.