package dialect

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AbstractDialect extends Dialect

  2. abstract class AbstractTransactSQLDialect extends AbstractDialect

    For SqlServer and similar products

  3. class DB2Dialect extends AbstractDialect

  4. class Dbversion extends AnyRef

    User [a,b] or (a,b) or a,b to discribe jdbc version range.

    User [a,b] or (a,b) or a,b to discribe jdbc version range. a,b should not all empty.

  5. class DerbyDialect extends DB2Dialect

  6. trait Dialect extends AnyRef

  7. class H2Dialect extends AbstractDialect

  8. class HSQL2Dialect extends AbstractDialect

  9. trait LimitGrammar extends AnyRef

  10. class LimitGrammarBean extends LimitGrammar

  11. class MetadataGrammar extends AnyRef

  12. class MySQLDialect extends AbstractDialect

  13. case class Name(value: String, quoted: Boolean = false) extends Ordered[Name] with Product with Serializable

  14. class OracleDialect extends AbstractDialect

  15. class PostgreSQLDialect extends AbstractDialect

  16. class SQLServer2005Dialect extends SQLServerDialect

  17. class SQLServer2008Dialect extends SQLServer2005Dialect

  18. class SQLServerDialect extends AbstractTransactSQLDialect

  19. class SequenceGrammar extends AnyRef

    sequence grammar

  20. trait TableGrammar extends AnyRef

  21. class TableGrammarBean extends TableGrammar

  22. class TypeNames extends AnyRef

    This class maps a type to names.

    This class maps a type to names. Associations may be marked with a capacity. Calling the get() method with a type and actual size n will return the associated name with smallest capacity >= n, if available and an unmarked default type otherwise. Eg, setting

Value Members

  1. object Dialects

  2. object StoreCase extends Enumeration