package meta

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Type Members

  1. class Column extends Ordered[Column] with Cloneable

    DBC column metadata

  2. class Constraint extends Ordered[Constraint] with Cloneable

    Table Constraint Metadata

  3. class ForeignKey extends Constraint

    JDBC foreign key metadata

  4. class Index extends Cloneable

    JDBC index metadata

  5. class MetadataLoader extends Logging

  6. class NameFilter extends AnyRef

  7. class PrimaryKey extends Constraint

  8. class Schema extends AnyRef

    JDBC database metadata

  9. class Sequence extends Ordered[Sequence]

  10. class Table extends Ordered[Table] with Cloneable

    JDBC table metadata

  11. case class TableRef(dialect: Dialect, schema: Name, name: Name) extends Cloneable with Product with Serializable

  12. class UniqueKey extends Constraint

    Unique Key

Value Members

  1. object MetadataColumns

  2. object Table